15 Weeks & Pesky Teeth! (3)

15 Weeks & Pesky Teeth!

Hi from Me, Shy & My Pear/Lemon Sized baby in a bump! This week has been quite uneventful but good nonetheless. I finally have a real bump and not just a bloated, “are you pregnant or just overeating?” looking belly which obviously makes me smile.15 Weeks & Pesky Teeth! (3)

In the last week I had quite a lot of aching low down in my abdomen which worried me a bit no matter how much reassurance I got but obviously, it was just stretching pains and my belly is proof of that! I also had to learn really quickly that in the second trimester  nausea still exists – but I found out that two of the main causes are hunger and tiredness so I’ve been trying to manage it by eating and if that fails, sleeping.

The Good:
This week I have an official craving! A specific brand and flavour of noodles – I can literally eat 9 packs in about 2/3 days. I can have noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.. Maybe as a before I go to sleep snack as well. I know – carbs aren’t great etc but I like them so I’m going to eat them.
Baby is apparently measuring about 10cm from head to bum which to me is a pretty good amount of growth in all of 15 weeks! And anytime I eat, baby moves just enough to let me know the food was appreciated (or maybe even disliked!).

15 Weeks & Pesky Teeth! (3)The Bad:
Thrush. Why does this thing exist? Since getting pregnant, it’s been coming and going like it’s teasing me. The doctor just told me to “moisturise” whatever that means but how long do I have to put up with it coming and going before I try a pessary or something?! I know – tmi – but this is The Real stuff that everyone should talk about because it happens! And it sucks. Because my sex drive is also back with a vengeance. And every time I clear the problem, it comes back after doing the deed (which has only been twice since getting pregnant!!!). I’m moody and hormonal and annoyed.

15 Weeks & Pesky Teeth! (3)

The Ugly:
This week’s ugly is really off topic from bump and some may consider that The Bad should have come under the ugly but whatever. Shy is still getting her last back teeth and it sucks! Honestly, I can’t even see or feel them yet but she’s dribbling, moaning, hurting, chewing and hardly eating. I feel for her so much! I just want to know how to make it better and why they’re taking so long to come. There are days when she is just upset and clingy and visibly winces when trying to eat and I just wish it would go away now or hurry up. She’s such a lovely girl generally so it’s very hard to handle her on a bad day because we are so unaccustomed to it!