About A Real Mum

I’m Shareen, a well known tea addict (Milk & Two Sugars) and first time mum-to-be. My baby is due 9th March supposedly & so far pregnancy has NOT been what I expected according to books & TV (thanks guys!).

I’ve been blogging about my pregnancy since October 2011. It varies from topical posts to diary type entries and I was actually encouraged to write it by a friend – I didn’t think anyone would be that interested and had no idea how many other mummy bloggers existed! Shy is my nickname for my bump (Shiloh Marie). Amazing how something that started so microscopic has inspired me to write & meet others!

I already had a blog before starting this one : http://ShareenHD.tumblr.com & then started this blog as my friend suggested I should do after I wrote a poem he found made him think about pregnancy in a very different way.

Welcome to A Real Mummy Diary: “Babies are such a nice way to start people” – Don Herrold