Baby L: My first post to you!

Baby Luis,

You’re now 5 weeks and one day old: 5 days ago you turned one month old – I can’t believe how time is flying but I can because I still feel the same about your big sister!

Since the day you were born, you’ve gained weight like there’s no tomorrow and you’re such a gorgeous chunky monkey now. You’ve put on at least 2lbs but probably closer to 3 once we get you weighed on Thursday.
All the red in your eyes has been gone for a few weeks now and you’re colour is starting to come. You look like a yellow version of your daddy!

No one can deny you are your fathers son – the only thing you have from me is your skin tone and your chin… That’s about it for now but somehow you still manage to look like Shy at times. Genetics and how they come into play always fascinate me when I look at you, Shy and your cousins.

I thought it would be easier with number two and daddy being around but I guess I forgot to add in the big sister and the fact it’s completely different going from one to two. But after 5 weeks, I think I’m slowly getting there. I still have a way to go but I feel positive. The hormonal tears have stopped finally (thank you Lord!) and I’m getting used to the broken sleep again.

You was born a hungry baby and you still are: you drink 5oz of milk every 3/3.5 hours. You’ve just started going a bit longer between the evening feed between 6pm and midnight; and the feed between midnight and 6am – this makes mummy and daddy much happier people.

You’re awake more now although you still sleep loads and I wonder if you will be a better sleeper than your sister was up until this year? I’ve been considering a routine for you but I’m yet to start. One day at a time. Little steps. Before we find ourselves struggling again!

You’re sister is besotted with you and you always stare at her and go quiet when she’s talking to you. I hope you two end up being great friends… Or I will show you all the pictures which prove how much you love each other.

I’m loving watching you grow and change but hope it doesn’t go too quickly!

Love you always Luis,