Becoming Human Again (2)

Becoming Human Again

Today has been a good day (woohoo!).

For the first time since Friday, I didn’t need to wear a hat to go out… because I actually done my hair. This is awesome. Whenever life gets me down or I get ill, my hair is neglected. So I know when I start caring about my hair again I must be on the mend.Becoming Human Again

And for the first time in a very long time, I took Shy back to the afternoon walk-in playgroup session for 1-3 year olds. It has been a long time but after a little while she settled in and enjoyed herself. She was constantly on the go, sharing, playing nicely and just having fun. She joined in with song time at the end and cried when we had to sing the goodbye song so this is definitely something I intend to keep up. I might even take her again tomorrow afternoonIt felt good to do something nice for Shy again (not that I don’t but we haven’t been out to anywhere fun much recently) and I’m sure it’s good for her too.Becoming Human Again (2)

I know exactly what tattoo I’m getting next and can’t wait to go and get it done. I wanted one before I got pregnant and was planning on waiting but now I can I definitely will! It is going to have a lot of meaning and definitely be a nice addition to my other two.Becoming Human Again (3)

And on top of that, I haven’t cried today. Not once. I think I may have got tears in my eyes when I remembered that today is Wednesday, the day we was supposed to see our 13 week old unborn baby for the first time but it’s OK. Next time we will. And that will be great. Today I remember that I’m already blessed with one little girl while someone else is struggling or unable to have even that. Life is good