Good Night

Good Night

I’m a very proud mummy. And after reading this, I’m sure some people won’t understand but if you’ve read previous posts & seen my tweets, i’m sure some will understand!

Yesterday, I started trying to get Shy to drink more and go longer between feeds (5oz every 5 hours). She accepted straight away. She was also awake most of the day which have me hope of a better night.

The only problem is by midnight Shy was exhausted but overtired – everyone she fell asleep, she was awake within 1mins. Considering she doesn’t normally sleep until 4am, I was prepared for a long night.

By 2.50am, my little girl was fast asleep & by 3am we was in bed! *dances*

She woke up at 4.45am for another 5oz bottle, was asleep by 5.15am and slept until…. 10.30am! I got a straight 5 hours of sleep for the first time ever.

I practically danced out of my bed this morning to make her a 6oz bottle which she finished.

Obviously, I don’t expect this to be regular straight away but one can hope we are heading in the right direction!