Half a year later…

Half a year. That’s 6 months. 2/3s of a pregnancy. 184 days. 26 weeks & 2 days.

6 months in a pregnancy still feels so far away from the end. 6 months in your life feels like if I blink I’m going to miss something.

I still feel like you was born a few weeks ago. 6 months ago at this time we was nearly ready to leave the hospital.

Your first tooth is causing you some problems now which has not been fun for me or you. Thank the inventors of bonjela and calpol for their intervention!

You definitely know how to use your voice – you’re already a top notch moaner! But you’re yet to say “mum” which I’ve decided will be your first word whether you like it or not 

You can sit up for a fair while without falling over now – something you gave up trying to do once you started teething.

You’re still not interested in learning to crawl… I guess you’re as impatient as your mummy but I should have known that from the reaction i get from your bottle not being ready exactly when you want it!

You’re a light sleeper in a sense – you wake up as soon as you’re moved or if someone speaks in the bedroom while you’re sleeping. But yet you can also sleep through me playing music, hoovering and having the rare girls night in. I guess that makes you a selective sleeper?

You’re 3-6 months clothes are getting too small and your 6-9moths clothes doesn’t look like it will last very long unless you stop growing wider n maybe just grow some length. Time will tell.

We’ve been through breast feeding, colic, infections, a hospital stay (you’ve experienced more than me already), gastric reflux, moving home, a wedding (not mine!), teething, tears, laughter, smiles & hugs…

You tasted a twister ice lolly yesterday and mummy’s mint cornetto today.

You hug me nicely now and you know that “ahhhh” means it’s time for a big squeeze!

I could talk about how much I love you forever, how lost I’d be without you & how much you mean to me. That will never change. You’ll always be my little 6.10lb baby girl, even when you’re all grown up with a husband and kids.

Just try to remember: mum’s always right even when she’s wrong; I do understand because I wasn’t always “ancient”; if I say no it’s normally in your best interest; every time I kiss you or hug you or play with you or shout at you or tell you no… Just every time… It’s always because I love you!

Love from Mummy