Happy 2nd Birthday!

Well guess who’s blog has existed for 2 years today?! Obviously, this awesome realness that you happen to be reading

I have to let you all know that the reason for my absence has basically been because I am struggling my ass off trying to adjust and work with this new college routine.
At first it was going quite well, until Shy stopped sleeping properly due to what seems every single tooth in her mouth trying to emerge in a matter of months on top of a few other things. It’s hectic. I’ve been on the verge of quitting a few times but I think the worst thing about it all, is that the problem is really my organisation skills – they SUCK big time. I have no idea how to fix it or improve it but once again I am going to try AGAIN to make this work. I need a PA I think… and a personal chef… and a cleaner… and a live-in nanny. Oh, and the money to afford all of that clearly!

But for this post, I think I want to share a picture of my now very grown up 19month old and 5 of my favourite posts from the last 2 years to let you know how far we have come!

  1. Things It Would Be Nice To Hear While Pregnant…
  2. The “No Plan” Birth Plan
  3. Just A Quick Update
  4. What’s In A Name?
  5. Dear Child…

I hope you can all bare with me as I try and get used to my ever-changing lifestyle and keep your eyes peeled for any interesting (winks) updates…