How to Reduce Back Pain after Delivery1

How to Reduce Back Pain after Delivery?

Postpartum back pain that occurs with a high frequency can cause fatigue and discomfort. You can actively control this situation, by performing simple pain relief measures such as hot compresses, massages, changing diets, using assistive devices.

Causes of back pain after childbirth

Hormonal disorders

The primary cause of back pain after birth is a hormone disorder. During pregnancy, the body releases progesterone and relaxin hormones to relax the ligaments and pelvis joints.

After birth, the body needs some time to stabilize this hormone content. So you may still have back pain during this stage.

Weight gain

Women gain weight fast during pregnancy. Even when you give birth, your weight still cannot return to its original size.

Over bodyweight will put pressure on the hips and waist area, causing soreness in this position.


From the 5th month, the fetus develops bones, so it needs an extensive amount of calcium. If you do not meet the calcium requirements for your body and your fetus, you may experience transient osteoporosis. This condition can last up to the time after birth.

Osteoporosis can get improved if you provide enough nutrients for bone regeneration. However, during bone recovery, you may experience back pain and other joint and bone positions.

Impact from childbirth

During labor, women must use force to bring the baby out. This pressure causes the body to weaken, tired, hurt joints, and aches.

You need about a few months for your body to recover. So right after birth, symptoms of back pain can still appear often.How to Reduce Back Pain after Delivery1

Take care of the baby

The timing of a baby’s routine often contrasts with a mother’s routine. You may stay up late, won’t get enough sleep, and tired when looking after your baby.

This condition lasted for a long time has a significant effect on the health and the skeletal system. You will often notice back pain, knee fatigue during this period.

Posture for breastfeeding

Incorrect sitting positions for breastfeeding can put stress on the lower back and give rise to pain.

Besides, back pain after birth can be for lack of exercise, the nature of work, diet, …

Back pain after childbirth only lasts a certain period and will disappear when the body recovers. Experts said that it takes about 6 months for the hormone relaxin to return to a stable level. For people who do heavy physical activity right after birth, back pain can last from 10 to 12 months.

Simple ways to reduce back pain after birth

Back pain occurs continuously for about 6 – 12 months, making the body tired, weak, and uncomfortable. You can follow simple home remedies to improve this condition.

Use support tools

Holding a baby for lengthy periods puts stress on the bones, vertebrae. Therefore, you can use the best baby carrier for back pain support to relieve pressure on the bones and joints.

You should not hold your baby too much. Children will be more likely to ask when held often.How to Reduce Back Pain after Delivery

Change diet

Being overweight and osteoporosis are two factors leading to back pain after birth. Therefore, experts encourage you to change your diet to increase bone density and reduce body weight.

When the bones are strong, the level of resistance to physical agents will significantly improve. From there you notice that the frequency of pain appears to reduce significantly.

Besides, losing weight will reduce stress, pressure on the lumbar, and pelvis.

Perform the correct posture

You should sit, stand, and lie in position. Unlike healthy people, the time after birth the body is often sensitive and easy to ache. Poor posture not only affects bone structure but also pinches the spine and joints, making you more likely to ache than usual.

Also, breastfeed your baby properly. Sit upright and keep your baby feeding comfortably. Or you can lie on your side to feed. This position can keep the vertebrae in balance, reducing pressure on the back and pelvis.


Massage has the effect of stimulating blood circulation, reducing compression on the joints and joints, releasing compressed nerves, … This is a safe and relaxing way to relieve back pain for pregnant women and women after labor.

Do not move too much

The pelvis takes at least 3 months to recover. During this time you should restrict movement. Excessive exercise can cause the pelvis to collide with nearby joints, such as the femur, sacrum.

Also, use flat shoes to ease when traveling. Wearing high heels increases the pressure on your hips, making the pain appear denser.How to Reduce Back Pain after Delivery1

Perform the exercises

Exercise is a quick way to restore bones and joints. You can perform gentle exercises to relieve pain and improve the flexibility and strength of your joints.

Or practice light intensity exercises like yoga and swimming to reduce back pain.

When to see a doctor?

Postpartum back pain can also be a symptom of the underlying disease. Therefore, go to the hospital when you notice any of

  • Back pain with fever
  • Back pain is severe and appears with a dense frequency
  • Feeling of numbness in one or both legs
  • Back pain that lasts longer than 6 months

If you have taken simple pain relief but do not get better, see your doctor in person get diagnosed and treated.

The information in this article is for reference only and not professional advice. We do not offer alternative advice for medical personnel!