In Gripe Over Gripe!

In Gripe Over Gripe!

I am upset deeply and stressed. I would never have expected something like this to upset me until now. Woodwards Gripe Water stopped producing and I had no idea.

As we already had some, didn’t think anything of it until it ran out and we went to buy some more today. To find out the mothers in the know basically went to chemists and bought as much as they could before it ran out of stock. I am crying.

Shy is going to cause hell without it. It really does help almost instantly. For a baby with colic, it’s miracle water to me.

Having looked online, I’ve seen there was a problem with the wording in their paperwork, which technically led to a breach of licence. They stopped producing to fix this and are apparently set to start producing in a few months. Months. I don’t think they understand how long that is for me. I need it NOW.

Prices on eBay have ranked from £12 – £25 or a bit less if bought and shipped from Australia. This is the measures I have had to look into. I am panicking.

Maybe there’s a black market somewhere in London that can help me…

Any suggestions most appreciated. In the meantime, I will just sit and cry.