It’s been TWO months…

It’s been TWO months

Since you graced the world with your presence.
Since you first connected eyes with me.
Since you had your first meal that didn’t come through the umbilical cord.
Since you wore your first outfit.
Since you had your first sleep in mummy’s arms.
Since you changed my life forever.
Since I found out what real love meant.
Since I had a proper nights sleep.

Shiloh Marie, you’re two months old today (and 9 hours) and you’re much more alert. You watch the TV now and you like to make conversation. When I kiss you, you open your mouth in response. Sometimes, you give me lots of smiles and you know how to hold onto me properly now when I give you a hug. You have a serious little face when you’re filling your nappy. You weigh about 11lbs now from your original 6.10lbs and you can see that you’re bigger.

I love you so much and the thought of anything bad happening to you fills me with fear. I’ve definitely never known a love like this before!

Love you always,
Your mummy (the lady who always kisses you)