It’s official… I’m a student again!

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You’ve probably noticed I’ve all but disappeared recently but I can confirm that since Monday 9th September, I am an official Access to Midwifery student!!

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It has not been an easy road to start on. There has been so many setbacks it’s been incredibly stressful, super daunting and I almost came close to giving up a few times. Luckily, I have some great people around me – friends & family – supporting me, helping me out and encouraging me to keep trying. I couldn’t have done this without them and that’s a fact.

First of all the college that was closer to me that I had all but thought was a given, I didn’t get into due to having studied there previously and not finishing the course. Obviously I didn’t realise that something that happened years ago could have such a big result but that set me back. I thought I wasn’t going to college and all but resigned myself to another year of being a SAHM possibly with a part-time job. Lesson learnt? Finish what you start!!

Then I remembered I had already applied for, been accepted and enrolled at another college – a college that is further away but on the actual Access to Midwifery course… Could I do it? I had initially had problems with finding childcare and managing the distance but I knew in my heart now, I wanted this chance to study and do better. So, with no childcare sorted out, I went to college on Monday.

College is on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays and Shy has been with 3 different people in the last week – my friend; her uncles family & my mum. On Wednesday, she starts with a child minder which was also another crazy task.

I was initially introduced to one child minder & being at such short-notice & slightly desperate, I almost made the mistake of accepting this child minder without seeing any others. After speaking with Shys Godmother, I had more & more doubts and decided I needed to look into it further, even if it meant struggling for another week or so. I attended a playgroup which is specifically for childminders & parents to meet, at which I found at least 4 available options. Long story short: spoke, met a few and chose one who I am 100% satisfied with. On Tuesday, Shy will have a settling in day before she starts officially on Wednesday. If you’ve done the maths, you might be wondering what will happen on Monday, but she will be with the same friend she was with last Monday & completely happy & safe. I can say as stressful as it has been, and at such short notice, I didn’t know whether it was going to work out for us but I’m so glad it has.

I know I’ve mentioned posts to come & they do still need to come, I just have a completely new routine and not enough hours in the day. I cannot guarantee how often I will post because the course is intense and my time limited but I promise I will try not to disappear completely… After all, this is most definitely the life of A Real Mummy and this is as Real as it gets!

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