Just Keep Swimming!

Just Keep Swimming!

Today was a better day 🙂

Nursery went better as I was able to leave Shy in the room for 40 minutes without being called in from the parents room so I guess in a week or so she will be ready to start nursery properly. We did have some tears again at group time because she didn’t want to sit down but nothing that she can’t slowly get used to!

After that and a nap (not for myself unfortunately) we went to the aquarium which probably makes it about a year since we first and last went. This time we went with TRMan as well and Shy was much more interested this time and able to understand things a bit better. She was a bit scared of the see-through floor with sharks underneath but all in all we had a really good day. A (not-so) lovely (but will have to do because it was late) McDs dinner was had and wolfed down by all and then it was home time.
By this point Shy was exhausted and fighting sleep and I have to say I rather wished we could just teleport to our beds myself. She went straight to bed and to sleep when we got in (not surprising since she woke up at around 6am for no reason) and after a long (not so hot I sweat) soak in the bath & sorting some laundry, I think I’ll be skipping the soap catchup and heading to bed myself!

I must say, I love family days like this. Memories that last.

XJust Keep Swimming!

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PS. I also bought my first item for bump today! I’ve been trying to hold out until the 20 week scan but I just couldn’t resist and bought a lovely cream fleece pramsuit… I’ve decided baby rainbow can come home wearing it 🙂 excited much?!