Just one of those days!1

Just one of those days!

Today has been one of those days that starts off on a high and somehow ended up being completely shite in simple terms.

Shy had her first hour in nursery today which wasn’t a failure – she sat and ate biscuits at the table with the other children and played outside with them. We did have a problem with her sitting down for group time and staying down but she was extremely tired so hopefully tomorrow will be easier. Hopefully. Even though I’m sure they’re used to it, it still feels a bit embarrassing when your child plays up in a room full of well behaved 2-3yos!

Just one of those days!1After this I was fine. Until I realised in exactly 3 weeks it’s my angels due date. I don’t know why it’s taking so long to get to October for my rainbow baby when it feels like November was only a few weeks ago with my angel baby. Safe to say, since then I have turned into a snappy, moody, angry cow. Shy & TRMan have both been on the receiving end of my impatient snapping and TRMan has had to pull me up twice. I haven’t explained my mood to him as it’s easier for him to think I’m having an off day than for me to make us both miserable with a bittersweet feeling of blessings and guilt.

Just one of those days!1

After that, I decided to give Shy chicken & noodles for dinner as every time I have noodles she wants some… So obviously as soon as noodles go onto her plate she wants nothing to do with them. Of course. Why not? They’re clearly not mummy’s lovely noodles. Even though they’re exactly the same. Give me strength!

Other than that I’m tired and hungry (as usual) and just want it to be tomorrow already. I keep considering doing my pregnancy yoga to help my mood, but then my mood says “not bothered”. I also have a new pregnancy fitness DVD that I’m worried to try as if it involves star jumps, I’m on the 3rd floor with very hollow flooring and worried about how loud and heavy it will get as I grow! My poor, poor neighbours…
Just one of those days!1

Tomorrow is another day I guess. Let’s hope it’s a better day