No Nappy Night Woes

No Nappy Night Woes

Shy isn’t 100% ready to potty train – she knows and I know. We have the occasional potty success but it’s rare. About twice a day she WANTS to use the potty; the rest of the time she completely melts down if I try to encourage it, puts the potty away and gets a nappy! She hasn’t mastered pulling her trousers up or down either.

With this in mind, the fact she has started removing her nappy during the night is not fun for either of us so drastic measures will be taken – pull ups at night (she hasn’t learnt how to get them off); knickers over nappy; pop up vest; all in one pjs and lots of MY will power vs hers! I considered a sleeping bag but she likes a blanket which is fair enough IF she stops creating extra washes for me to do nigh on 6 out of 7 nights…
I don’t know if this will lead to her eventually giving up trying or just waiting for the night she’s got access to her nappy but only time will tell.

I can understand she doesn’t like lying in a wet nappy but she’s not even drinking after 6pm and always wee’s before going to sleep – when I do feel her discarded nappy at whatever ungodly hour of the morning (always between 3am-6am) 9 times out of 10 she’s decided not to use the nappy and just wets the bed instead because the nappy is near enough unused.

Also add to this that whatever time I wake up to sort out the wet mess, within half an hour I’m ready for breakfast when all I really want to do is sleep! It’s 6.57am now and I’ve been up from 6am – since 6.30am I’ve been hungry… Not fun. If avoided I wake up near enough vomiting; and I’m yet to try and eat so early mainly because it’s too early and I don’t want to be officially “awake”.

Unfortunately girl, we can’t have it all ways so if you’re not ready to potty/toilet train, the nappy is your friend and mine!

PS catch this weeks Rainbow Bump update later today! Less than 4 weeks until the next scan…