Rainbow Bump Week 14


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It’s a boy… It’s a girl… Nope! It’s a peach! That’s right, this week my Rainbow bump is the size of a peach apparently. That means since last week baby has gone from about 2.91inches to 3.42inches and gained 20 grams. Awesome stuff right?!
In addition to this, I can finally say: WELCOME TRIMESTER TWO with your lack of morning sickness; increased hunger and weight gain; and hopefully soon to feel some proper movement from within… I just can’t wait! I think baby might be having a growth spurt as I am still really tired most of the time and always hungry, until I eat some bread or potatoes and find myself super bloated, uncomfortable and wishing I hadn’t eaten the cause of such feelings.

The Good:
For the last week, sickness hasn’t really been an issue any more which is something I rejoiced in when pregnant with Shy and definitely rejoicing in now: the ability to get through a day without debating if you’re going to be sick is a very happy feeling.
We have also managed to agree on a name for both a boy or girl baby which was a bit of a battle but we are now both very happy with our choices. We aren’t finding out the gender until delivery which is hard but also exciting at the same time. I just can’t wait to know my baby’s name.
I think the best part of this weeks Good is that I got past 13 weeks – after the MMC in November happening at just before 13 weeks, I think I am finally 100% past any fears related to that event. My baby is real, it’s alive and it’s happening. I’m so thankful right now and extremely excited!

The Bad:
I don’t have much bad to talk about asides from the fact that every morning I wake up feeling slightly sick from hunger. No matter what I eat before I sleep and how close to bedtime it is, I am absoloutely starving when I wake up. I feel like I haven’t eaten for at least 18 hours LOL. But I will take this feeling over morning sickness anytime.
Also the fact that once again, my trap nerve has flared up for a good few weeks now worse than it ever was at this stage before. Depending how long you’ve been following me, you might remember one of my first ever blog posts was about a trapped nerve in my pregnancy and how bloody annoying it was – Well, just to emphasize, I can’t even imagine how bad it’s going to be in the third trimester this time around!


Those cookies look like heaven to me…

The Ugly:
Last night TRMan had a clear out of the kitchen in preperation for the new washing machine and fridge that didn’t end up being delivered and won’t be until tomorrow. We have had no washing machine for nearly 2 weeks now so this was the most frustrating thing after spending a whole day waiting for their arrival and being told at 9pm it wasn’t going to happen because one of the delivery men had a broken hand… A formal complaint has been made. Anyways, the folder with the paperwork for our angel baby is still hiding in the kitchen and TRMan approached me about it in the evening. He thinks it’s time to get rid of the paperwork as we have a new folder, with new paperwork and it’s time to let go. At first, I struggled with the idea if I’m honest and I don’t know why – it’s just papers that tell me everything I already know and a 6 week scan picture of my baby that wasn’t meant for this world. I know it makes sense to get rid of the folder now to focus on this baby that is happening. So I think I will tell him to deal with it today. It’s a weird feeling but I know he is right and now is the best time to let it goIt’s not forgetting, it’s just moving on. 

letting go is hardbut someties holding on is harder

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