Seven Months Old. You’re a very happy and content baby with a serious stubborn streak you could only have got from your mummy (you’re welcome).

Teething has come & ruined any routine we had so we never sleep before midnight or wake before 11am. I will be fixing this in the coming weeks (you’ll understand one day).

You don’t want to crawl – any attempts to encourage you are met with no cooperation or interest… You just bum shuffle instead which seems to work for you. You also lunge off people’s laps if you feel like going somewhere – very trustworthy of you lol.

You’re definitely a mummy’s girl – you smile when you see me, cry when I leave the room, love hugs & kisses, and normally stop crying as soon as I pick you up (like when you rolled out of Auntys bed and I had to run upstairs… That’s another story).

I’ve had to start turning the tv off as much as possible as I believe you’re quite the addict!

If there’s a lot of noise ie my very loud music or the Hoover, you’ve decided the best technique is to just shout above the noise.

You’ve come to notice animals and you love them. You & the dog are good friends and you would like to play with the kitten although I’m not too sure about that as you like to squeeze her a lot.

At 7 weeks you’d just left the hospital after providing me with a week I will never forget and never want to experience again… How we have got to 7 months already is beyond me. Times flying and you’re getting bigger and wiser and lovelier.