Life Must Go On


It feels like only the other day I announced my entry to Race for Life & the change in my aunty’s condition…. And it feels like only the other day I was sitting with her, making casual conversation and taking pictures. I miss her so bad already. 

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If you had (or hadn’t) noticed, since my announcement on the 18th August that my aunty had lost her fight with cancer on the 16th August, I have hardly blogged; tweeted or anything else. I apologise to all my followers who may have wondered what was going on or where I was.
Even though I knew my aunty was ill and dying, it still hit me (and all of my family) very hard. On the day she died I received a message from my other Aunty saying I needed to try and see her that weekend – after speaking to my younger sister we decided we needed to go on that same day. That day started off being told she had days left; that night not long after I left the hospice I was told she had hours left – 30 minutes later she had gone. I was at the hospice she was in until about 3 hours before she passed and knew when I was leaving that she wouldn’t make it to the morning although no-one had said as much at that point. The last thing I said to her? “Bye Aunty” whilst stroking her arm. Since that day, I have struggled to get back into the right frame of mind – but slowly, over the last week some of my senses seem to be returning.

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My aunty died on TRMans birthday which sucked. I had to skip seeing him until the day after and felt guilty for trying to have a good time but in the end I have realised life is something to celebrate – not just once a year, but every day. Every morning I wake up, I should be thankful.
Life does go on. No doubt about it. Whether we want it to or not. And I know my aunty, and I know she would want me to make the most of my life – she was always proud of her family and their successes so we must all strive to have plenty of success in her memory and think of how proud she would be.

Coming up this week expect a post about Shys very successful and extended sleepover(s) at her Uncles house over my mourning period; the first of many TalkTalk reviews and an 18 month update on Shy.

Thank you for all your patience and to those who are still following me on here and on twitter and facebook, I thank you for your loyalty.

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