The New Routine

The New Routine

So, Shy now thinks she is me with the decision making.

We was in a very nice routine of bath at 9pm, followed by milk and sleep. It worked very well. I was happy and in bed by midnight. One night feed and then nothing until morning.

Then Shy though, “this is way too easy, mummy doesn’t do enough!” and decided she would play a game called “who can stay awake more”. She wakes up about every 30-60mins from 9.30pm until 2am and then every 3 hours from then onwards for milk. Oh the fun. She wins the game hands down. She deserves a gold medal!

So now, I’m unsure how to rectify this problem. She won’t stay awake in the day no matter what I try if she’s tired (she is tired from being up all night), she won’t drink more milk to se her through longer (I’m advised to only let her drink for 40mins…) and I’m not really sure what else I should be doing.

Any suggestions much appreciated!