Week 19 Cookie Update

My baby bump

I know I missed a good few weeks of updates what with getting into a new routine with Shy in nursery and then her completely disregarding said routine, it has been hard work. I feel like I’m slowly losing my mind as my memory is absoloutely terrible – I can never tell you what day it is, the date, what happened in the last few days and what is meant to happen in the next few days. It’s annoying and I feel like I’m living in a weird bubble form of life!



This week my baby is a)a heirloom tomato (what is that?) or b)a grapefruit and is roughly 15cm – that’s half a ruler! I can’t even imagine how big that is in my expanding belly but it means for the last week I have been feeling a load of movement and kicking and even had one feel from the outside! I love all this movement and I must say it’s my favourite part of pregnancy. I didn’t feel Shy move until 22 weeks last time so I’m quite pleased I get an extra 3+ weeks this time around.

A surprising fact is in the next week, baby grows by 10 whole cm but only because we stop measuring from head to bum and include the legs as well.
Some say baby can hear voices now so I keep talking to bump about the most random things whilst TRMan is just content to hug my belly at the moment.

I am still super tired and I’m definitely bigger this time than I was with Shy at this stage. I’ve invested in 3 new maternity vest tops and a maternity maxi dress, to add to my 3 maternity jeans collection. I have quite a few looser tops that will do just fine.

I thought I was getting SPD at one point but now I’m not so sure – I have problems with my sciatic nerve so I think it’s a lot to do with that and hopefully it is something manageable with a doctors interference. I’m forever hungry but also (advanced warning: tmi coming up… now!) forever constipated. Yep. I’ve been prescribed some lactulose which I plan to use tonight but it’s having a big impact on my weight as well as available space for satisfying my hungriness! I’m obviously weighing more than I should but have been told not to worry as I’m obviously carrying a bit more weight than I should be due to minimal bowel movements.

20 Week Scan:
In more exciting news, my scan is this Wednesday and the not petrified side of my brain cannot wait to see our baby again. With all this movement, I just want to see that face again and all that movement on a screen. The petrified side of my brain avoids thinking about the scan completely because it causes anxiety attacks thinking of all the negative possibilities. I really wish I could just enjoy this pregnancy but I don’t think I will be happy until my baby is in my arms finally, healthy and comfortable. We might find out the gender but if we do, we won’t be announcing it to anyone until our little cookie is born.

Next on my list is a maternity swimming costume mainly so I can take Shy swimming but also on the off chance we decide to take a holiday before I get to 30 weeks.

Other than all of this, I just can’t believe I’m nearly halfway through this pregnancy – I remember it taking ages to get to 20 weeks with Shy and her 20 week scan. I am now coming to terms with the fact I’m going to have another baby – sounds weird but I’ve been so focused on this pregnancy and staying pregnant that the whole point of a pregnancy, a baby, seemed far out of focus. Now I’m halfway there it’s incredibly exciting and scary!

We’re having another baby!! 

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