What I really want!

What I really want!

When I wake up and want to run to the kitchen for a cuppa… But I run to the front room to change a very smelly nappy!

When I go to bed praying for 8 hours of sleep… But I comfort a teething baby through the night instead

When I go shopping and see 5 things I like… But come home with 10 things that definitely aren’t for me

When I see something that I want to just get up and do… But get distracted by a smile and end up playing for hours

When I really don’t want to wake up or leave my bed… Then I hear that little voice or see that smile & I’m just not so tired anymore

When people ask me if I wish I waited… And I wonder why anyone would wait for something so amazing!

When I had you, I became a new me. And you became the most important thing in the world…

When its all worth the sacrifice just to see your smile. Who could want any other way?