Where Have I Been?

Hey All. It has been a crazy few days – and stressful.
Firstly, I need to go and complain about a Doctor in my GP
& then change Doctor. One out of the four doctors in my practice whose “Special
interests – Family Planning, internal medicine and
therapeutics” has failed her job. I believe she sees my name appear
on her computer and decides I’m wasting her time. Although the
first time, she couldn’t have known Shy had a stomach bug just because she had
vomited so I will let that one slide. The second time – last Friday
– Shy had conjunctivitis and wasn’t herself; I
went into her office and she asked what was wrong so I obviously
said Shy has conjunctivitis in both eyes. Her response was
“yeah…” which threw me completely. So I repeated myself and she
said “ok”. And then there was silence. Anyways, long story short, I
was told there was nothing that could be done and to just clean her
eyes but not to let her eyes near mine or anyone elses as it is
highly contagious. So why no treatment? I’m not happy at all.
Regardless of whether treatment was needed or not, I feel her
attitude is terrible and unhelpful and she is judgemental. I shall
be complaining and changing doctors. I took Shy to a walk in
doctors straight after who actually examined my child properly
(something this dr didn’t bother with) and found out her throat was
red and she was likely to be coming down with a viral infection as well as getting eye
ointment for her conjunctivitis (turned to be a secondary bacterial
infection and I ended up with antibiotics for her on Monday). So
with all that in mind, since Friday I’ve been dealing with
conjunctivitis and then a very bad infection. Shy had a fever for a
few days when the infection was at it’s peak but she’s definitely
on the mend now – still has a cough but is more like her usual self
(hoorah!). I’m now ill because mummy couldn’t help giving Shy lots
of love when she was really ill and knew it would lead to this
result but how can I not love my baby when she’s so poorly?? On a
positive note, Shy has started sleeping through the night as in not
waking for her one bottle a night… This makes me happy! As I had
been complaining about it recently, it couldn’t have happened at a
better time. So, that’s just a quick update on our absence and
hopefully I can get back onto blogging form now!